Department of Motor Vehicles


Motor Vehicle Department

The Clerk and Recorder acts as an agent for the Colorado State Department of Revenue in titling and licensing all new and old, purchased, leased, motor vehicles both currently in or entering the state. All motor vehicle titles and registration fees and requirements are set by Colorado State statute or set by rule and regulation promulgated by the Department of Revenue.

The Clerk and Recorder’s Motor Vehicle staff is dedicated to helping you register your vehicle. The Motor Vehicle Office is responsible for issuing Alamosa County residents: License Plates, Titles, Renewals, and V.I.N. Inspections.

  • Proof of insurance is required when registering any vehicle.
  • Payment by Cash, Local Check, Money Order, or Credit/Debit Card 
  • Motor Vehicles Department's computers go offline every day at 4:15 p.m.

Individuals whom need a duplicate title must provide a Drivers License or State Identification. Cost is $8.20

Individuals who are in need of disability parking privileges must provide a drivers license or State issued identification and have an application be filled out by a medical doctor.

Alamosa County does NOT have an emissions requirement for any vehicle registration.

Individuals seeking to register a homemade trailer needs to call the County Clerk's Office for requirements.

Renewals can be done by mail or in person. Proof of insurance is required when renewing you plates. We now offer renewals online when no changes or proof of insurance is required.

Out of State Vehicles must have a current title or registration certificate (not more than 6 months expired).

Information Needed:

  • Drivers License or State Issued Identification.
  • Proof of Insurance.
  • Weight Slip on Pickups over 4,500 lbs.
  • V.I.N Inspection