Emergency Preparedness

SLV Emergency Preparedness and Response serves public health agencies in the San Luis Valley to support their emergency preparedness, response, and recovery efforts.

We work in coordination with Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment's Office of Emergency Preparedness and Response as part of the Public Health Emergency Preparedness Program. Please contact us at (719) 589-6639.

Emergency Preparedness and Response team activities include:

  • Epidemiology, disease surveillance, and investigation
  • Emergency planning, so that we are ready to help the maximum number of people in the shortest possible time if a disaster occurs
  • Training to help our staff and partners understand their roles, state and local emergency protocols, and resources
  • Exercising to practice our emergency plans with our partners
  • Response to disease outbreaks
  • Responding to other types of emergencies and disasters, often by playing a role in an Emergency Operations Center
  • Collaboration within Healthcare Coalitions

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