Regional Environmental Health


Environmental Health is an organized approach to addressing environmental issues that impact the health of the population. Three of the main elements of the environment that are monitored include: the food we eat, the air we breathe, and the water we drink. These factors, and many others, are overseen in order to maintain conditions in which people can enjoy good health. Environmental Health is one of the major components of Public Health.

The Regional Environmental Health Program began in Alamosa County and has expanded to include Rio Grande, Costilla, Conejos, Saguache, and Rio Grande counties, Gary Bruder is the Regional Environmental Health Program Manager. Contact Environmental Health at (719) 587-5206 regarding:

  • Opening a Retail Food Establishment
  • Environmental Health Questions
  • Environmental Health Complaints

For forms regarding retail food licensure, change in ownership, etc. visit the Environmental Health page here.

Report a Public Health Concern

If you have a concern about a public or environmental health issue please be prepared with the following information:

  • What the concern or complaint is about
  • The location of the concern. An exact address is necessary. The owner and occupant of the property or business,
    • Including phone number.
  • The date and time the problem occurred.
  • Your name, phone number and the best time to contact you. 


        Retail Food Safety

Environmental Health is responsible for the licensing and inspections for all retail food establishments in the San Luis Valley including:

Alamosa County, Costilla County, Conejos County, Rio Grande County, Saguache County

Retail Food Safety Fee Schedule

Basic Food Safety Training (5-14 Students)$20.00 per attendee
Review of Potential Retail Food Establishment$75.00 (non‐refundable)
Pre Operational / Change in Ownership Inspection$75.00 (non‐refundable)
RFE Plan Review Application$100.00 (non‐refundable)
RFE Plan Review and Pre Opening Inspection$45.00 per hour not to exceed $580.00
RFE Equipment/Product Review Application$100.00 (non‐refundable)
RFE Equipment/Product Review$45.00 per hour not to exceed $500.00
RFE HACCP Plan Review (Written)$45.00 per hour not to exceed $100.00
RFE HACCP Plan Review (Operational)$45.00 per hour not to exceed $400.00
RFE Other Services Requested$45.00 per hour
RFE Temp Event Plan Review and Inspection$45.00 per hour
        Air Quality

We issue air quality alerts, for questions about air quality alerts contact us at (719) 589-66396. Read more information at the State's Air Pollution Control Division See statewide conditions on the Air Quality Monitoring Map

        Recreational Water Inspection Program

The Local Recreation Water Inspection Program is currently under development.  Please report any health concerns here

Water Recreation Fee Schedule

Pool/ Spa Inspection$60.00 + $20.00 per additional bodies of water
Pool/ Spa Follow up$45.00 per hour
Pool/ Spa Plan Review$75.00
Pool/ Spa Pre Opening Inspection$45.00 per hour
Pool/Spa Other Services Requested$45.00 per hour
        Body Art Program

The Regional Environmental Health Department inspects all body art facilities operating within the counties of Alamosa, Conejos, Costilla, Saguache and Rio Grande. Body art facilities include any that provide tattoos or piercing.

Body Art Fee Schedule

Body Art Yearly Inspection$45.00
Body Art Follow up$45.00 per hour
Body Art Plan Review$45.00
Body Art Pre Opening Inspection$45.00 per hour
Body Art Other Services Requested$45.00 per hour
        Institutional Inspections

The Environmental Health program inspects public and private schools, child care operations, and other institutions for children and promotes state compliance through education and enforcement.

        Child Care/Schools Fee Schedule
Childcare Inspection Fee$45.00
Childcare Plan Review$45.00 per hour
Childcare Pre Opening Inspection$45.00 per hour
School Plan Review$45.00 per hour
School Opening Inspection$45.00 per hour
Childcare/ Schools Other Services Requested$45.00 per hour



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