We offer immunization clinics every Tuesday afternoon, find out more here.

       Tobacco Cessation

By preventing tobacco use and helping tobacco users quit, Americans of all ages can improve their health and quality of life. People who stop smoking greatly reduce their risk of disease and premature death. Benefits are greater for people who stop at earlier ages, but quitting tobacco use is beneficial at any age (HealthyPeople2020).

Alamosa County Public Health offers information and referrals to the Colorado QuitLine as well as other cessation resources. 

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       Baby and Me Tobacco Free

There are 4,000 chemicals in cigarettes, 43 of them are CANCER-CAUSING agents. Your unborn baby receives those poisons every time you smoke.

Baby and Me Tobacco Free logo

If you are currently pregnant and smoking or just recently quit smoking and pregnant, you are eligible for the Baby & Me Tobacco Free Program. There are no income requirements.

Pregnancy is the perfect time to quit smoking. When you avoid tobacco you:

  • DECREASE your risk of a miscarriage
  • HELP baby’s lungs grow strong
  • IMPROVE baby’s overall health
  • HELP to ensure your baby is born on time and not born prematurely
  • IMPROVE your baby’s birth weight

As you successfully complete the program requirements, you can receive monthly diaper vouchers as a reward for remaining smoke free for baby’s first year.


Made possible by grants from the Colorado Health Foundation and Rocky Mountain Health Plans.

Contact the Alamosa County Public Health Department for more details (719) 587-5191.

        HCP for Children with Special Needs

HCP is a program for children and youth with special health care needs, find out more here.

        Public Health Planning

Read about Alamosa County Public Health's current Public Health Plan here.

        Communicable Disease Prevention

Our Communicable Disease Prevention Program offers:

Education and information about communicable diseases Communicable disease investigation Measures to control the spread of communicable diseases

Quick Links:

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Learn more about TB from the CDC We offer tuberculosis (Tb) testing
  • Every Tuesday 8:00-11:30 am – no appointment necessary
  • The cost is $15.00

To report a communicable disease, please call (719) 589-6639 and speak to a Public Health Nurse or Epidemiologist.


We offer tuberculosis (Tb) testing

  • Every Tuesday 8:00-11:30 am – no appointment necessary
  • The cost is $15.00

Quick Links:

        Health Fair

Public Health coordinates and hosts 9Health Fair every spring.

Check back for more information.

        Partnerships for Health Teen Sexuality

Working in partnership to prevent teen pregnancy, STI’s and relationship violence. 

Colorado Youth Matter Tu Casa Healthy Relationships Education

For more information, contact us at 587-5187 or

        Substance Abuse Prevention

The Substance Abuse Prevention Program works to reduce and prevent substance abuse in Alamosa County, read more here.

  • Are you interested in the difference between upstream (primary), secondary and tertiary prevention?  Check out this short video
        Women's Health

Although, the Alamosa County Public Health Department does not provide direct Women’s Health Services we are happy to share the contact information for our Community Partners that do.

SLV Health: Women’s health services are offered at the Alamosa Regional Medical Center Clinic as well as Monte Vista, La Jara and Del Norte. Please call (719) 589-8028 to make an appointment.

Valley-Wide Health Systems: Valley Wide Health Systems family medical clinics serve patients throughout the San Luis Valley. Please call (719) 589-3658 to make an appointment.