Alamosa County Public Surplus Auction

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     Beginning Thursday April 25, Alamosa County will be hosting an online surplus auction for the sale of Alamosa County vehicles, electronics, equipment, furniture and miscellaneous items that are no longer needed. The Public Surplus auction site address is:,co/list/current?orgid=190969 and to register to bid: Buyers can also access the website by first going to the Alamosa County Website and clicking on the auction flyer on the homepage. 

     Pick-up hours are by appointment only.  Appointments to pick up items can be made by email or a phone call to the person on the auction item listing. Sale of all surplus property is, as is and where is, without warranty.  The description of surplus property offered for sale has been compiled from available data, but there is no guarantee or warranty on the part of Alamosa County as to condition or quality of surplus property.

     Inspection of vehicles will be available by appointment only. Please contact the contact number or email listed on this auction. All payments are made through Public Surplus. Alamosa County will not take payments of any kind.  Please bring your paid receipt when picking up your item(s).

     Please be advised certain items are by Dutch Auction. Dutch Auctions are not supported with the Public Surplus Buyer's App. To bid on certain auction items, please access Public Surplus through a browser to ensure that you are able to select the quantity. Your bid amount will be multiplied by the quantity selected. If you do not understand how this type of auction works, please contact Public Surplus buyer support on chat to discuss before placing a bid. Lack of understanding of this type of auction will be no excuse for failure to pay. Buyers that fail to pay will be blocked and marked as defaulted.

     For technical questions about the Public Surplus site as well as questions about individual auction items, please go to the Public Surplus site,